What we do

RECELLO Sp. z o.o. offers a service of tearing nonwovens as well as finished products made of:


ikona bawełna    Natural fibre ( e.g. cotton)

ikona kółko  Artificial fibre (e.g. viscose)

ikona cząsteczka  Synthetic fibre (e.g. PET)


We process materials unwound from rolls and delivered in bulk (baled and unbaled).

We have 4 tearing lines adapted to different types of raw material.


taśma z materiałem



Who we work for

Our offer is directed to manufacturers that use fibres in production process, we offer them:

ikona rulony The possibility of technological recycle of those batches of products that do not qualify for processing into the final product
ikona kostka Recovery of the raw material, which, as a result of the tearing process, returns to a form similar to the virgin fibre and is suitable for reuse

płatki kosmetyczne


What we offer

As a result of the whole process, the fibres are torn, cleaned of dirt, dust and short fractions. All the recycled material is formed into bales, carefully protected and placed on pallets.


ofoliowane worki

Feel free to contact us to conduct technological trials

Our certificates

We care about the quality of our activities and the continuous improvement of our organization. We are ISO 9001 certified.